Why the name Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses™?

The brand name Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses™ was created by the original developer of a stretchy "pull-on" cover to tame the mane in 1984. The name quickly caught on and when the company was bought by Windhorse, Inc. in 1992. We decided to keep it. The stretch hoods have been nicknamed Sleazies™ and Sleazy Sleepers™ as well.

What does a Sleazy™ do for my horse?

The products we produce are designed to aid with grooming your horse by providing a cover that smoothes the hair and trains the horse's mane to lay flat and fall to one side.

Additional benefits include polishing and protecting the hair coat from the rubbing of heavier blankets, and keeping the blankets cleaner by acting as a "liner".

How do I choose a correct size for my horse?

Our sizing is based on the horse's actual weight. An inexpensive weight tape, available from your local tack store, will provide you with the information you need to select the correct size for your horse. Compare the weight of your horse with the blanket measurement on the Sheets and Full Bodies to ensure the correct sizing.

Are the Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses™ products guaranteed?

Yes. The garments are guaranteed against defects of materials or workmanship for 3 months from the date of purchase.  Proof of Purchase is required.

What is my Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses™ garment made of?

We have four main fabrics that we use for our stretch garments.

  1. Nylon Spandex ~ A woven fabric made from durable nylon fibers in combination with spandex fibers for superior stretch. We use premium quality nylon spandex for all our stock prints and solid colors 
  2. Stretch Fleece ~ A polyester and Lycra fabric with a fleece inner surface and a smooth exterior. This fabric is very durable and adds warmth for cold weather.
  3. Polyester ~ A very tough knitted athletic jersey fabric that has a natural stretch due to its construction.
  4. Polyester/Lycra Mesh ~ Combination of polyester and lycra to provide us with a durable, stretchy, breathable fabric for our Power Net products.
How do I care for my Sleazy Sleepwear™ product?

All of the fabrics we use may be machine washed on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent, and hung to dry. Care should be taken to secure Velcro™ straps to prevent any snagging of the garment during washing.  Do not use products like Woolite, these will break down the lycra fibers.

Some oily grooming products used on horses may contain chemicals that may degrade the Lycra content of our fabrics, and should be used at the your own risk.

How do I use the Sleazy™ Tail Bags?

All the standard tail bags are designed for use with a braided tail. Once braided, you place the braided portion of the tail into the "bag" and use the four tags at the top to securely tie the top of the bag into the top weave of the braids. NEVER tie around any of the bony part of the tail (it is very easy to feel this part). Tying over the bony area can restrict the circulation and damage the tail. ALWAYS feel to make sure the ties are only secured into the braided hair only.

Three Tube Tail Ties: To use these, you separate the tail hair into three equal groups and pull each through its own tube section. Then you weave the three hair filled tubes and secure the top and bottom ties. The top ties are secured in the same manner as above for the standard tail bags.