Miniature Shoulder Guard -

The Miniature version of our Sleazy Shoulder Guard is great for protecting the shoulders against blanket rub and they provide additional warmth for the shoulders. The neck opening is enhanced inside with a fleece band, and is made adjustable with velcro tabs. Miniature Shoulder Guards come in Black Lycra only.

Mini items are made with the seams on the outside of the garments, to help keep a smooth hair coat.

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Mini Shoulder Guard Fits My Mini Mare Comfortably

Lynne Noren on Nov 11th 2019

The x-large mini shoulder guard fits my 34" tall mini mare very well without being too tight and without shifting under her blankets. It provides a great buffer to minimize rubs on her neck and shoulders and adds some extra warmth with some of her blankets that have lower necklines. I ended up buying three of them so I can rotate them and keep them clean!

Mini Shoulder Guard Is Wonderful!

Lynne Noren on Oct 15th 2019

The mini shoulder guard fits my large mini mare comfortably and allows plenty of freedom of movement. The perfect answer to those blankets that tend to rub her chest and shoulders!